The Reinvention of Minimalism? Jill Sanders Spring Summer 2024

Elegance has a whole new meaning!

By: Julia Tiseo

Nov. 2, 2023

Jill Sander Men & Women Spring Summer 2024 Milan : NOWFASHION

At Milan Fashion Week 2023, Jill Sander took the fashion world by storm with a new approach to their infamous minimalistic style! As trends come and go, the brand Jill Sander has never really expanded its horizons through its garments. Creative directors, (husband-and-wife duo), Luke and Lucie Meir have always stayed true to their roots; displaying their clothing elegantly and with little subject to change. This year, however, we’re beginning to see some playfulness within the garments; keeping that minimalistic essence mixed with some bold statements never before seen from the brand.

“It’s always been an evolution, not a disposable concept,” said Luke Meier backstage of the show; referring to him and his wife’s approach to the aging brand. His words exemplify how to be good is not to be changed. Through this collection, the Meier’s were able to play around with the garments; experimenting with new items and bold pieces without changing the overall essence of elegance that is portrayed so strongly within the Jill Sander name.

Jill Sander Men & Women Spring Summer 2024 Milan : NOWFASHION

For the upcoming season, Jill Sander has proved to be experimenting with boxy silhouettes and bold prints; with pops of color for surprise within the very neutral, muted color scheme of the collection. Each menswear look gave a very boxy and broad upper silhouette to enhance the masculine shoulder. This was even represented through their unisex dresses, as each item portrayed a very masculine energy about them. Silver jewelry appears to be on the up, giving the garments a punky vibe through asymmetrical, chunky earrings and metal rings. Silver has incorporated itself into the garments as well! Circular silver rings across the chest are beautifully paired with the oversized silver jewelry presented on each model.

Many creative shapes, volumes, and patterns were used in this show as well, as seen through the triangular collars, long trench coats, oversized blazers, and incorporation of snakeskin items, (trench coats, boots, and pants). Items seem to fit snugly around the neck, and then widen into an elegant oversized look. Fringes were also incorporated around the skirt or hemline to animate the model’s movements.

While maintaining the sophisticated essence of their brand, Luke and Lucie appear to be giving their garments a sense of freedom down the catwalk, as the clothing contains a much looser fit than in previous years.

Jill Sander Men & Women Spring Summer 2024 Milan : NOWFASHION

The white and grey of the set display looks almost garage-like, with its low ceilings and cement floors. The colors of the background go along with the muted greens, blacks, whites, and grays of the garments, and the minimalistic scenery allows the audience to direct their full attention towards the clothing . . . which is what we really came out to see!

Along with this, models with longer hair were dressed in beanies with minimal makeup to ensure attention to the apparel shown.

Jill Sander Men & Women Spring Summer 2024 Milan : NOWFASHION

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