Whole Lot of Coins with Alexander Wang

Workwear, outerwear, and suiting, brilliantly revamped, and modified! 

By Autumn Conzone

November 2, 2023

Courtany of Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang introduced his Resort 2024, menswear look book. He first show cased his looks on Alexander Wang official Instagram on October 26th, 2023. His collection is bringing back classical menswear looks with a new and innovative take on them.  

Alexander Wang is one of the most innovative designers in the fashion world today. He has a brilliant mind for creativity and thinking outside of the box. Alexander wang highlights these skills when he designed the set using his expert eye for art and set direction. The models are shown standing on the hood of a car with a striking red hood in the background of the models. When the models stand Infront of the sticking red color is creates a beautiful juxtaposition between the look and the car, and it allows from the garments to highlighted and shown off.  

Courtany of Alexander Wang

Throughout Alexander Wangs collection, he designed an innovative twist on classic menswear looks with the addition of unconventional accessories. alexander wang played with the proportions of the classic silhouette men’s work wear, outerwear, as well as suit. This is seen though out his collection with baggy overside jackets paired with overside pants. The jackets were primary either overside Bommer jackets or overside long suit jackets. They were often painted with leather or denim paints that were overside and held up by a belt. The garments were very fresh and eye-catching but the main takeaway from this collection where the accessories he chose.  

Courtany of Alexander Wang

The accessories truly made the looks stand out. The main accessories that the models wore were jewelry made from coins. The models were decked out with coin bracelets, Neckleses, and even wallet chain. But the use of coins did not stop there. Coins were also seen used in places of bottoms on some jackets throughout the collection, as well as a shirt with a coin print on it. Alexander wang is demonstration taking something we have used forever and turning into jewelry and other accessories.  

Within his collection, he used many different fabrics and textures to create eye catching looks. The most Prominet use of an unconventional fabric was with his use of pony hair. Pony hair was used in many ways, like jackets, hats, and belts. The contrast between the furry and fuzzy pony hair, and the hard dark leather created overstriking outfits.  

Courtany of Alexander Wang

The once popular Rocco bag designed by Alexander Wang made a resurgence in this collection. The resurgences are due to the demand from the public. “When people started asking me for the Rocco again, I said, ‘are we really there yet? Are we back here?’” said Alexander Wang. The Rocco bag fits seamlessly into this collection since it is a popular bag from the past that He designed and put a new and fresh twist on it. 

Alexander Wangs fresh revamp and modification of classic Men’s wear styles and shallots truly show the leave of creativity he has as a designer. In the collection he truly demonstrates that inspiration can come from anything, even as simple as some change in your pocket. So next time you walk past a loose penny on the floor, this of all the possibilities it has. 

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